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FREE Work Gloves

Everybody loves free stuff, right? Of course they do. Badger Body has got some free stuff for you.

Just follow us on Twitter (@BadgerBody), then email your name and Twitter handle to You'll need to include your glove size, because you just earned a free pair of Buyers Products Multi-Use Commercial Work Gloves. Once you've sent the email you can stop by Badger Body at 6336 Grover Street in Omaha, or you can include your mailing address in your email and Badger will send them out to you.

These rugged work gloves will last and last, remain comfortable, protect your hands, and keep you warm as you perform the tasks that you need to get done. They aren't bulky, so you still have the mobility you need, while keeping your hands toasty when winter comes calling.

So, just by following @BadgerBody on Twitter you get free gloves AND exclusive Twitter-only deals and savings. Hard to beat that deal.




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