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Crane Dynamics Technology (CDT™ & CDTplus™) Radio Control Remote System

Stellar Industries Inc. introduces the Stellar CDT and CDTplus (Crane Dynamics Technology) Radio Control System. These systems represent a groundbreaking collection of features that enhance control, power, and monitoring of Stellar cranes. The Stellar CDT and CDTplus integrate an advanced capacity alert communication system, a crane boosting feature, and a fail-safe mode for increased operational security. Designed with a rugged, over-molded rubber on the edges and handgrip, this transmitter is engineered for maximum durability to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.

Stellar Light-Duty Telescopic Service Cranes

Stellar light-duty telescopic cranes are designed to complete jobs quicker and more efficiently than any competing product. Stellar cranes bring a greater range of value-added features to the market than any other crane in their class. The design parameters were developed over months, incorporating input from users throughout North America.

Stellar Industries is not only committed to making a quality product but also to helping you work more productively.

Stellar EC Series Crane

For operational ease and economical investment, the EC line of service cranes is built to the highest standards, as demanded by all Stellar products.

The EC Series cranes incorporate features unmatched by any other crane in this product class:

  • True ball bearing rotation gear

  • Steel worm gear

  • Planetary winch throughout the product line

  • 6,500 up to 38,000 ft-lb Rating

  • Low-profile design

  • Exclusive double boom design

  • Industry-competitive pricing

Stellar TC Series Crane

The Stellar TC Series cranes blend European compact design with American control sensibilities, offering a unique combination of functionality and ease of use. Known as a 'T-Boom' crane, the TC Series features a tall mast with a telescopic design. This design is highly compact, taking up minimal bed space, and provides up to 18.6 feet of hydraulic reach, enhancing the load radius in larger models.

Historically, these cranes required manual control, which positioned the operator near or under the load. Stellar has revolutionized this approach with its proprietary Stellar® CDT™ crane control system. Now equipped with 'Stellar® CDT™', the cranes include a handheld proportional radio remote transmitter that provides load feedback directly to the operator. This advancement allows operators to position themselves optimally around the load and work area, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety.


The Stellar TC Series Cranes typically utilize a PTO and pump on the truck chassis for power. Alternatively, Stellar offers a 12V power unit with an integral hydraulic reservoir. For mounting, Stellar recommends specific designs for flatbed installations and integral base systems for front truck body mounting. It's advisable to consult with a Stellar distributor to determine the best system for your needs.

Stellar Heavy-Duty Telescopic Service Cranes

Stellar heavy-duty telescopic cranes lead the market with unparalleled value-added features. Developed over months with input from users across North America, these cranes are designed for speed, efficiency, and ease of use, surpassing all competitors in their class. Stellar Industries is dedicated not just to crafting quality products but also to enhancing your productivity.

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