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Stellar Industries leads North America with its extensive range of hydraulic hooklift hoists. Offering both articulating tilt and sliding jib hooklifts, Stellar provides nearly fifty models to suit a diverse array of capacities and body sizes.

One truck. One operator. Unlimited potential.

The Stellar Hooklift System is engineered for simplicity in design and ease of operation. With just one truck, operators can effortlessly load, unload, or switch bodies right from the cab. This innovation significantly boosts efficiency and productivity, while reducing operational costs and maintenance needs.

The Stellar Hooklift stands out for its versatility, available in a wide range of styles and sizes. It has demonstrated its adaptability in various sectors, including municipal work, roofing, lumber yards, and waste disposal, making it a globally recognized solution in numerous industries.

Stellar Flex Series Hooklift System

No other hooklift manufacturer currently offers the flexibility of the Flex36. The Flex36 can handle dump containers ranging from 8' to 15' and flatbeds ranging from 10' to 16' and has a lifting capacity of up to 16,000-pounds. It has a maximum dump angle of 50 degrees to 54 degrees, depending on the length of body.

Stellar Shuttle Series of Hooklift Hoists

With all Stellar Hooklifts, simplicity of design and operation are top priorities. Our hooklifts feature permanently lubricated, greaseable bushings, a patented dump/load interlock system, and an efficient low-flow/high-pressure hydraulic system. Gravity-type safety latches prevent accidental detachment of the body, while rugged rear body tie-downs ensure stability in transit.

Only Stellar Hooklifts provide a full-length dump frame with front saddles to support the body during dumping. A key advantage of Stellar Hooklifts is that they allow a single truck operator to load, unload, or change bodies without leaving the truck cab. All controls are conveniently mounted in the cab for enhanced safety and ease of operation.

Stellar Slider Series of Hooklift Hoists

The Stellar Slider Series Hooklift is a versatile body handling system mounted on a truck chassis. It is designed for the efficient loading, unloading, and dumping of various bodies with a wide range of lengths, thanks to its hexagonal sliding jib.

The series now features hydraulic adjustable hook heights to accommodate bodies with hook heights ranging from 36.63 inches (905 mm) to 61.75 inches (1568 mm) and supports capacities of up to 65,000 pounds (29,483 kg).

Renowned for its versatile design and ease of operation, the Stellar Slider Series Hooklift includes features such as permanently lubricated and greaseable bushings, the Stellar patented dump/load interlock system, and an efficient low-flow/high-pressure hydraulic system, enhancing its overall functionality and reliability.

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